Travel is, and will be, the biggest source of joy and inspiration for me.

Immersing in new destinations and unfamiliar surroundings seems to ignite and awaken my creativity and ideas. Observing women free to indulge in casual holiday styles or the confident way women wearing beautiful cultural traditional dress, is a basis for my design process. I watch their body language when they're comfortable and carefree, relaxed or simply confident in just being themselves. 

Living on the west coast of Australia, as isolated as it is, means I have travel to source my fabrics. My partner and I are only just starting to tap into new destinations and can't wait to see what next year brings. 

I'm drawn to the colours of the coast, the textured sands, pale dusty pinks of tiny shells, pale blues and crisp whites and with Japan and India booked, I worried for months that I may not find what we needed in these two countries known for their bold statement fabrics. 

The traditional fabrics were so beautiful, from the Indigo blues and bold prints of Japan, and the rainbow of silks and embellishment in India. Having a partner of the opposite gender, helped keep me focused, with practical advice and gently guiding me away from the lure of silks and sparkle. We did eventually find beautiful cottons, textured fabrics and feminine fabrics that reflect our beautiful west coast. 

It's always an adventure, not everything goes to plan, but that's part of the journey. My partner and I have learned to adapt, be patient and allow ourselves to occasionally get lost and this is often where we find our treasures.  

We hope you enjoy the designs we've created from the fabrics we've found .

x Beach Street Design